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After reading Exclusive, you won't look at the music industry the same.

K'wan, Best Selling Author of Animal & Street Dreams

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What People Are Saying:

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    Amazon Book Reviewer

    This novel is very entertaining and also gives the reader a look at how it is to be in a relationship with a rapper. The author uses quotes from Tisha's articles and Shouts rap music between each chapter. I recommend this book and look forward to future novels written by Yasmin Shiraz.

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    Reviewer at BRAB

    It's a story of mistrust, miscommunication and misinformation. It's also a cliff hanger that ends with the heroine in a very tenuous position. I wouldn't dare spoil it, but I can be honest and tell you the cliffhanger makes you want to read Book 2.

  • Ngaged1

    Amazon Book Reviewer

    This book follows a relationship between an unlikely pair, a rapper and a journalist. I was rooting for them. This book was a real page turner. Can't wait to read part two.

About The Author

Yasmin Shiraz is the author of more than 13 books. All of her books are inspired by her real life experiences. The Tisha Ariel Nikkole series was inspired by her years running the hip hop/entertainment magazine Mad Rhythms. While running the magazine she interviewed hip hop superstars including Sean P. Diddy Combs,  Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., and Lil' Kim.

Her community based work with youth led her to write the young adult novels Accused and Retaliation as well as the upcoming release, Loyal. She also wrote The Blueprint for My Girls empowerment books and runs The Blueprint for My Girls Empowerment Network.

In addition to her community activities, Yasmin is the CEO of Still Eye Rise Media where she is a screenwriter and film producer. She wrote and produced several documentaries, short films and web series.

Her tribe, lovingly called 'The Yas-Maniacs' watch her 5 times a week on Periscope and FB Live as she shares morning pep talks.

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